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webArticle: Andrew Michaels

Modern technology has greatly transformed the business industry. What seemed impossible fifty years ago is now a reality. In a way, this transformation has benefitted the industry. Businesses have become more competitive and customers have been provided with wide choices. Nonetheless, these changes have not completely eradicated some of the proven and tested marketing strategies people have been used to. Even though a lot of high tech strategies are available today, traditional strategies remain effective especially in terms of establishing relationship with customers and clients.

One of these traditional marketing strategies still worth investing in is the booklet. Booklets have always been a valuable promotional material. A lot of businesses today still include this material in their marketing campaign alongside their website and online ads. Because people are always looking for information, the booklet can be used to provide the details and information they require. Here are some thoughts on how to best create a valuable custom booklet that will deliver good results:

1> Focus on the content. You have to make sure that your booklet contains useful information. Aside from providing details about the products or services you offer, you can use include other relevant details about your business. You can consider including tips, guides, and how-to articles which you know your customers can use. Also, create a bold headline that is catchy and meaningful. Use only simple words so your readers can easily understand your message. Check for misspellings and grammar errors that will affect the value of your material.

2> Think of the pages. You can basically put as many pages as you want on your booklet, but make sure that it is not too bulky so as not to overwhelm your readers with too many information. Just put enough pages that will let you provide complete details to your readers but wonít discourage them from reading page after page.

3> Use high quality paper. The kind of paper you use will affect the quality of your booklet. Use only high grade paper so your booklet wonít crumple easily. If you donít know what type of paper to use, ask the help of your designer or printer.

4> Create an eye-appealing design. Ensure that your color booklet looks pleasant to the eye. The response of your target audience will depend largely on the overall look of your material. This is why it is crucial that you design your materials in the best possible way. Use photos that are relevant to your topic and make sure that the flow of information is smooth and clear. Professional help is always advised if you are not a good designer.

5> Get the help of an expert printer. To achieve compelling booklets, you need to get them printed professionally. Look for a booklet printing company that will help you print your materials in the highest quality possible. You can either hire an online or local printer depending on your preference. Just ensure that you are hiring the best in the market.

Exceptional booklets can bring good return on investment. If you havenít invested in booklets in the past, this is the best time to include them on your marketing program. Why donít you start planning and creating drafts today so you can hand out your own captivating booklets on your next campaign?

Owner: Andrew Michaels


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