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Trust is an important factor in business. The relationships you build with your customers should be founded on trust. If people trust you, it will be easy for you to keep loyal customers who will be willing to buy from you over and over again. Growth and success will be within reach as you gear your business with the right weapons.

Speaking of the right weapons, which marketing tool will actually allow you to get in front of a lot of people for a long time? Is there such material? There actually is: the calendar. Calendar printing has long been considered an effective marketing tool. Because it is meant to be used for an entire year, this gives you a guaranteed whole year visibility. Of course, you need to come up with a good design so you can make your calendar look exciting and display worthy. To help you do that, check out these pointers:

- Go for a custom design. Sure, itís easy to create a calendar using templates but that wonít help you get peopleís attention. If you want to stay memorable to your customers you need to come up with a unique design. Try to look at the calendars created by other businesses and get ideas from them.

- Include special promos. You can put seasonal offers or include monthly offers which will encourage your customers to purchase from your business over and over again. It will be best if there is a deadline to each offer so you can generate immediate response. The offer doesnít have to be huge. Just keep it simple but compelling so people will be motivated to take action right away.

- Put engrossing images. It can be images of your products or any other image as long as it is relevant to your business. Use high resolution images so you donít sacrifice the quality of the image when printed.

- Make the color pop out. Nothing will be more attention-grabbing than a colorful calendar. Be sure though that you pick only the right colors so you can effectively promote your image. A little understand of the color psychology will help you pick the right colors to use in your calendar.

- Print well. You donít want your calendar to look dull and boring. Make sure to look for reputable printing companies that will handle the print job for you. Bring your calendars to print shops that are proven and tested in the market so you get the best value for your investment. With a little research, you can be sure to find the perfect printer for the job.

- Distribute effectively. Get your calendars in the hands of the right people. Aside from personally giving out your material, you can send them to your target audience. Remember though to know who and where your customers are so you can hand them one of your promotional calendars. Be sure to distribute at the start of the year so people will immediately put your calendar on their wall or table.

If used together with other marketing pieces, you can be sure to come up with a marketing campaign that will deliver good results to you. When people see your name constantly, they will be reminded of you and this will help develop trustósomething which will bring in lots of sales and profit to your store.

Owner: Andrew Michaels


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