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webArticle: Get step by step guidelines on how to block any e-mail address in Outlook

Outlook email account moves all messages from the address in the current folder to the deleted folder and adds the sender to the list of blocked senders. This is why If someone has an email address before showing on the screen an email from the address and he wants to block, makes putting them on the list of unwelcome senders especially simple.
It is the manually blocking to any email address or entire domains are not much more work in the Outlook email account. This is way, if someone wants to block an email address in Outlook mail then he is required to follow the steps so that he can perform the task perfectly.

Here are the steps for blocking any email address in Outlook Mail described below:

1. Firstly sign in Outlook email account by using an email address and password.
1. Click the sign button and then go to the settings gear icon.
3. Select the option in the menu and open the mail junk email and choose the block senders category.
4. Type the email address which is required to block and then enter the only domain name.
5. Enter the email address and then click the block sub-domains separately.
6. Follow the safe and blocked sender link under Preventing junk email.
7. Click on the blocked senders and enter the unwanted address or enter the domain name to block email address.
8. If want to join any necessary email address to the junk file then click the add button.
9. Enter the Outlook email account password and click the save change tab option at the end.

For more additional help and information, a user is indeed required to get in touch with Outlook customer service number proficients who are available round the clock to help out the users at any time.

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