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26 Nov

Description: Next Logo

What's this first thing you notice about your car? Is it the leather interior? Or maybe it's the shiny alloy wheels? One design aspect which is overlooked completely is the logotype. Each car model is unique and the lettering used to market the product to the consumer reflects this, displaying the personality of the car. Whilst some manufacturers employ a custom designed font for each new model, others prefer to keep them in line with the whole product range, in effect creating a bespoke font family. Next time your sat in traffic take a look to see if you can notice any of the following 85 Automotive Logotypes that we have featured below:

source: www.ford.com
source: www.dodge.com
source: www.honda.com
source: www.mitsubishi.com
source: www.hyundai.com
source: www.renault.com
source: www.peugeot.com
source: www.fiat.com
source: www.nissan.com
source: www.citroen.com
source: www.subaru.com
source: www.chevrolet.com
source: www.seat.com
source: www.mazda.com
source: www.jaguar.com
source: www.cadillac.com
source: www.suzuki.com
source: www.kia.com

Maybe you're wondering why we haven't featured the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari or Lamborghini? Well, during our research we found that the more lucrative and expensive vehicles mades by car manufacturers such as those just mentioned, do not feature stylised typography and in most cases have shorter model names. For example, the Audi have the TT, BMW manufacturer the Z3, and Mercedes have the C-Class. Is this a coincidence that such luxurious vehicles have been branded in such a way?

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