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26 Nov

Description: Next Logo

Designer Name: Daniel Moskal

Designer's portfolio: http://www.dan-designs.com

Description of Logo: The logo represents the Charity Mission to Chad, Africa. The main objective of the mission was to buy books for local schools and promote education.Unfortunatelly the mission failed but Iím hoping it will succeed next year. The logo is highly adapdable to serve missions to other parts of Africa.
There are 4 ideas behind the mark:
-The Africa continent
-Praying teenager
-Zebra stripes to show the adventure aspect of the mission (helping others can also be fun)
Initially I put an elephant into the Africa shape but than I thought of a teenager. Iím aware there is a similar logo/poster already (FIFA world cup South Africa), but itís just a coincidence and Iíve seen the poster AFTER Iíve designed this logo.

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