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26 Nov

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My name is Jonden Jackson and I am a 26 year old graphic designer currently living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I have been designing and developing web sites for close to 9 years and have been designing brands and identities for close to 6 years. I love designing logos. I love design in general. I also love 80s synth pop and collecting vinyl toys and action figures. I am the founder of the design agency Ectomachine.

How did you get into world of logo design?
I was never one of those designers that went from Print to Web. Rather, the other way around. I played in bands all growing up and was always fascinated and intrigued by the visual side of music. So naturally when the time came for my bands website, merchandise, and logo I decided to just delve into it because I always loved that visual aspect and thought I had a good grasp on it. The understanding of web design came to me right away but logos were much more difficult. Not to mention I had no idea what vector was *Laughing*

How important is a logo?
A logo is as important as your company because it 'IS' your company. It is the singularity that represents the whole of everything you are trying to convey or sell without saying a word. However, it is up to your company or brand to give that logo a meaning but even in the first steps of a logo it has to be built like it's going to go on the Death Star. You don't want a logo to ever come off as weak.

What makes a great logo?
As mentioned above the word that always comes to mind with great logo design is 'Strength'. The mark has to be strong even if it the brand is light. To me logos have to do the speaking for you when you aren't around so they might have say to 2 or 3 things to a new customer so it only makes sense for it to have a strong presence. Otherwise it gets lost in the shuffle and becomes visual white noise.

Your favourite logo made by you?
Hmmm that's tough. If I had to choose probably my logo for 'Abby Cooper'. Every time I see that one it kind of takes me to this late 1950s setting in my head. I always imagine seeing it on an old black and white television. Also my logo for Word Refuge.

Your favourite logo made by other designer?
There is no way I could make that choice haha. I will say out of the current logo designers out there Dan Gretta has some of best work I have seen in a long time. Dude is unreal. I've had the pleasure to work on a collaboration project with Dan and hope to do many more.
Favorite fonts to work with?
Love my Sans-Serif. As far as favorites I am really into League Gothic and Knockout. For Serif fonts I would have to go with the Albertina family.
Cheap logos: Yes or No? Why?
This is a bit of grey area for me because personally it depends on the project, you don't want to charge the little guy who just wants something quick the corporation price. But still you don't want to sell your gold for silver.
Where do you usually seek inspiration?
From other design communities usually. Lately Dribbble has gotten a new flood of logo designers so I will definitely be on there a lot more for logo inspiration. LogoPond and Creattica are always choice and definitely LogoFromDreams! But I still find inspiration in other places too. Even driving in my car I always find myself looking at signs, picking apart old businesses logos *Laughs*. Also airports for some weird reason, just something about them.

Could you provide our readers with a breakdown of your design process?

My process is pretty simple. I think I mentally prepare for the logo more than anything. When it's time to design a logo I focus on it as if it is the only thing in the world that will ever be designed again. That way I can truly hone in on what I want it to say. Then it's just straight to word association and sketching until I have the light bulb moment and am satisfied before taking it to the vector process. Then it's all about finding the type and trying new things out until it's all said and done. I know it's done when I tilt my head to the left and look at the logo and it still looks right.

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