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26 Nov

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1. Sheftor - Maksim Arbuzov
Bold. Clean. After reviewing the supplemental materials on Behance, it was clear that the entire system is designed well and works beautifully for the company it was created for.

2. Lotus Yoga Centre - Claire Hayes
Organic feel, warm colors, strong concept. Instant relaxation and serenity.

3. Daily Jazz - James Waldner
Instantly recognizable. Well executed blend of symbols which clearly translate to the intended message.

September 2010 judge: Joshua Geiger

Joshua Geiger is the sole designer behind 1981 named after the year of his birth. With over a decade of professional design experience Joshua has done everything from interactive design work with agencies and clients like UPS, PepsiCo and MasterCard to now focusing on creating Brand Identities for start-ups and other small business'.

When Joshua isn't working on his design, he's either working on learning to play guitar, hanging with his dog, Sasha or out enjoying a ride on his beloved Ducati.

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