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26 Nov

Description: Next Logo

Such every freelancer will at some point need a name for their business. There is one question that always pops up, should you personalize your business name or not?

Let's hear what some great logo designers have to say about their brands.

Mads Burcharth - www.mabu.dk

LFD: What do you think about personal branding?

Mads: It's a "brand" new world today. I think of personal branding as the signature/fingerprint/identity of you. The brand is a promise of the value you'll send and receive.

LFD: Could you please tell us something about your personal logo?

Mads: Those who already know me, knows that I'm a sucker for simplicity and the concept "less is more" combined with some edge though. So in my case, I made an actual font for my personal identity and used the letter "m" for mabu(mabu = (ma)ds (bu)urcharth). Based on the visual language I'd like to express subtle, clean and roundness. To give it some edge and contrast, white and a light neon green-ish color was used along with the type.

Josiah Jost - www.siahdesign.com

LFD: What do you think about personal branding?

Josiah: The process of creating your own brand identity is usually one of the most challenging projects a logo designers will have. I think this is mostly to the fact that we want to position ourselves for success with the top competitors in our field. We want an image that really gives people a good first impression. We need to keep in mind though that our brand is much more than just a logo. A brand is the way people perceive us, it's our personality, values, ethics, talents, style, the way we respond to emails, etc.

It's really important to discover what our brand is before we execute the brand identity. Find out what things are important about who we are, our vision and goals. Once we have discovered and established a brand we can then focus on creating an identity that matches our brand. It's important not to make any hasty decisions regarding your logo. The goal is to make a timeless brand identity that won't have an expiration date. It will save a lot of money in the long run making sure the identity is right for your brand before you design your whole website, twitter page, business cards, etc. This may be a long, challenging process but it is very rewarding.

LFD: Could you please tell us something about your personal logo?

Josiah: As most designers probably know, it is very hard to come up with an identity that you are 100% happy with. We always tend to be extra critical of our own work. I really wanted to have a strong concept for my new logo, something I could find a lot of significance in. I eventually developed an icon that involved a hand and a pencil. The pencil forms a hand to symbolize what I do. The index finger pointing up shows that I am a creative director. Other keywords that could be interpreted by the icon are: choose, number one, looking up, move forward. The main concept I find significant about the design though is that the hand is pointing up symbolizing that I am giving credit for any creativity I have to God.

Alen ''Type08'' Pavlovic - www.type08.com

LFD: What do you think about personal branding?

Alen: Personal branding is a night mare for designers! We are creative people, brainstorming about brands and creative graphic solutions on 24/7 basis. There are tons and tons of sketches, brand names, color schemes, styles, fonts or complete messages that go through our mind and finish on paper or on screen - and from all of those you have to pick out only 1! That decision is tough, but very similar to process we usually go through when doing it for a real client. Usually, designers go by the idea of using the graphic style that will present their work the best and describe the personal philosophy on design. That's also usually supported by very suggestive personal brand name. Maybe the approach could be narrowed down to 2 options: branding by output - sending the message out that will describe your style and the feel of your design solutions, or, branding by input - sending the message out that will describe who are you, what inspires you, what makes you - you! When branding myself, I decided to go with second one.

LFD: Could you please tell us something about your personal logo?

Alen: My personal logo is based on one of my great passions and inspirations - hip hop music! Back in 1989 I heard first tones of hip hop and I was instantly hooked on it! Only 4 years later I got this street name 'Type08' which I decided to use as my alias for freelancing purposes in 2008. Since graffiti art is one of the 4 core elements of that culture I decided to use that handwritten urban style to present myself with. In graphic design it's still original enough and I have rarely stumbled upon designers that use this style for self presentation. Basically, it's a version of my own tag (if you take about 4 days you'll recognize at least the word 'Type' in it) using handwritin

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