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26 Nov

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Last year's award-winning logo designer Josiah Jost (Logo From Dreams 2008) did a GREAT rebranding of his identity. Josiah Jost is located in Alberta Canada and freelances under his business Siah Design. He specializes in logo design and has won various awards for his work. He serves clientelle locally, nationally and internationally. Siah is his nickname. He is also a Christian and is very open about his faith. Here he will tell us about his Re-brand Process.

For quite a while now I have been wanting to do a re-brand as I felt my old identity was not up to my standards. I felt the type was outdated and that the icon was a little too hard to figure out and also unrefined. As most designers probably know, it is very hard to come up with an identity that you are 100% happy with. We always tend to be extra critical of our own work.


Old website:

With my new logo I wanted something clean, creative, conceptual and fresh.

One of the many, many pages I filled with sketches:

I really wanted to have a strong concept for my new logo, something I could find a lot of significance in.

I eventually developed an icon that involved a hand and a pencil.

Hand/Pencil sketch:

Eventually the the idea evolved to make just the index finger pointing.


The pencil forms a hand to symbolize what I do. The index finger pointing up shows that I am a creative director. Other keywords that could be interpreted by the icon are: choose, number one, looking up, move forward.

The main concept I find significant about the design though is that the hand is pointing up symbolizing that I am giving credit for any creativity I have to God.

My ‘brand’ new mark:

The 2? x 2? business cards”

Would love to hear your thoughts on the new website and logo!

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